Form 1 Conveyancer

Form 1 Conveyancer

What does Form 1 conveyancer mean?

Form 1 by a conveyancer is an official document that must be served upon the purchaser by the vendor (seller) or your conveyancer. The paperwork provides the buyer’s “cooling-off” rights in addition to other critical information about the property. Prior to settlement, it is a legal requirement* to serve a Form 1 on the purchasers.

The Form 1 is often completed by the Real Estate Agent, but Key Conveyancing Services can help you to prepare your Form 1. Key Conveyancing Services undertake required Government Searches on your property to ensure that the information is as accurate and up to date when it is delivered to the buyer. We take pleasure in our ability to quickly prepare this documentation and provide it to the agents. Our team understands how critical it is to find the right buyer for your property.

Form 1 by Conveyancer: Why is it Necessary?

The importance of form 1 prepared by our conveyancer cannot be understated.

A well-prepared Form 1 is recommended in addition to complying with the law. The purchaser has 48 hours to withdraw their offer after receiving the paperwork. To ensure that all paperwork is in order, the buyer and their conveyancer should check the contract and Form 1 during this period. Incorrectly filled-out forms may jeopardise real estate sales.

During the cooling-off period, the buyer may legally withdraw from the contract. If the Form 1 is judged defective, the purchaser might cancel the contract until a corrected Form 1 is served. This time, though, the cooling-off period is only 48 hours.

A correct and compliant Form 1 protects both the buyer and seller. The vendor’s transaction is in jeopardy if the purchaser fails to disclose a defective Form 1 to the vendor.

Form 1 Conveyancer
Form 1 Conveyancer

How Key Conveyancing Services Helps You to Reduce Risks with Form 1 Through Our Conveyancer?

Key Conveyancing Services is a firm dedicated to reducing the risks with the help of professional conveyancers through your form 1.

We also do the preparation of accurate Form 1 documentation. These documents are prepared for Real Estate agents, clients, and conveyancers.

We take pride in our Form 1 preparation, ensuring that risks are minimised to the greatest extent possible and that documents are delivered to agents and vendors in a professional and timely manner.

Prior to sending a Form 1 to our clients and agents, one of our conveyancers reviews it and corrects any errors. This protects your transaction, ensures that the sale proceeds smoothly, and that the transaction concludes positively.

Key Conveyancing Services can order all necessary government prescribed searches and can get your Form 1 prepared by our conveyancer on your behalf.


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