Residential Property Conveyancing Adelaide

Residential Property Conveyancing Adelaide

Easy Conveyancing of Your Residential Property in Adelaide

If you intend to purchase or sell your residential property in Adelaide, then our residential property conveyancing team can assist you. In addition to the agent who is assisting you in selling your current house or purchasing a new one, you will require the services of a conveyancer.

A conveyancer is a person licensed to practice real estate in the state or territory in which you are buying or selling. Their goal is to counsel you and provide you with the information you require to complete the house settlement process. They also create the paperwork for the purchase and sale of the property.

We do all the necessary work and documentation that is needed and make your settlement process as seamless as possible. You need not worry about a single thing when we take responsibility into our hands. With our professionals’ diverse experience, we can solve your issue with ease.

Why Conveyancing of Residential Property in Adelaide Can be Complex

The residential conveyancing process in Adelaide can be complicated during transportation. Key Conveyancing Services recognises how frustrating it may be for individuals attempting to figure out the conveyancing process. Besides that, the transportation costs are also a big headache.

Residential Property Conveyancing Adelaide
Residential Property Conveyancing Adelaide

A proper settlement involves a lot of steps, such as:

  • Stage before signing a contract
  • Finalising the deal
  • Paperwork of the pre-completion process
  • Transaction process and ownership conversion
  • Post-completion process

Without the help of a professional guide, this process can be difficult for you, and most likely, you will end up making a mistake. Settling into a newly bought property is an amazing event in anyone’s life. Don’t put it at risk. Leave the process in safe hands with Key Conveyancing Services.

Get Our Adelaide Residential Property Conveyancing Services

Our residential property conveyancing team in Adelaide will produce the appropriate papers to move real property from one individual or entity to another. We also go over all of the material you’ve been given to make sure there’s nothing that should cause you any worry. We also create rate and tax adjustments and communicate with the outgoing/incoming lender (if appropriate) to guarantee a seamless and joyful settlement procedure.

Cassie Filmer and Melissa Belton, our renowned owners, have a combined 20 years of business expertise and bring a fresh, optimistic perspective to the sector. At Key Conveyancing Services, we are confident that your sale or purchase will go through easily and that your requirements will be our top concern.

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Contact our residential property conveyancing team in Adelaide for incredible and reliable services.


People ask us all the time 'What is a conveyancer? What does a conveyancer do? When do I need a conveyancer?' Were you aware that you require a conveyancer when you buy or sell property? Were you aware that you require a conveyancer when you transfer property between family, including husband and wife?

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