Conveyancing Process Adelaide

How Does the Conveyancing Process in Adelaide Work?

For the conveyancing process in Adelaide, Key Conveyancing Services starts by booking in a meeting with you to understand your special requirements. Our property specialists are here to help you save time and money while also advocating for your best interests. We will, of course, address any issues you may have and keep you updated throughout the process.

If necessary, we will order searches on the property after a contract has been negotiated and the “cooling-off” period has ended to ensure that a clear title will be delivered at settlement. We also communicate with your bank, agent, and other stakeholders.

Prior to settlement, settlement statements are generated and delivered to you so that you may understand how settlement funds are allocated as well as what adjustments have been made for rates, taxes, and other property charges.

We will call you and the sales agent as soon as the settlement is completed so that keys may be exchanged. The change of ownership will be notified to the appropriate government ministries as well as the local council.

Steps of the Conveyancing Process in Adelaide by Key Conveyancing Services

The conveyancing process in Adelaide has three essential parts involved:

Identity confirmation – Key Conveyancing Services confirm your identity and your authority to transact with the property. You will need to bring proof of these facts with you, such as a passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, and a power of attorney stating you as an attorney. This will be discussed with you before your first appointment.

Getting documents ready – We’ll immediately begin preparing the relevant documentation, which will include bank discharge authority for any mortgage you may have on the property, as well as the transfer documents. We will calculate all applicable rates, taxes, stamp duty, and other costs so that you are completely aware of your financial responsibilities.

Arrangements – Typically, a settlement occurs during which legal documents and funds are exchanged. The property or business is then transferred to the new owner. Either we attend or do the settlement on your behalf.

Why Choose Key Conveyancing Services in Adelaide for the Conveyancing Process You’re Currently Going Through?

If you are looking for a service provider for the conveyancing process in Adelaide, Key Conveyancing Services can help you. Established in January 2015, Key Conveyancing Services is located in Adelaide’s Northeastern suburbs. We have a combined 20 years of industry experience and provide a fresh, positive viewpoint to the market.

Our director Melissa Belton is working selflessly to help buyers in Adelaide. Whether you schedule an appointment or simply stop by on your way to work, we make everyone feel welcome and are happy to assist with any step of the conveyancing process. When you work with Key Conveyancing Services, we want you to feel confident that your sale or purchase will be a smooth process, and that your needs will be our primary focus.

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