People ask us all the time..

  • What is a conveyancer?
  • What does a conveyancer do?
  • When do I need a conveyancer?

Were you aware that you require a conveyancer when you buy or sell property? Were you aware that you require a conveyancer when you transfer property between family, including husband and wife?

At Key Conveyancing Services we

  • prepare the necessary documentation to transfer real property from one person or entity to another
  • check all the documentation that you are provided, to ensure there is nothing that should be of any concern to you.
  • prepare an adjustment of rates and taxes and liaise with the outgoing/incoming lender (if applicable) to ensure the settlement process is a smooth and enjoyable one.

We recommend that upon signing or accepting a Contract and Form 1 you should consult us to ensure you understand the conditions and your rights as a vendor or purchaser.

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