Land Division Adelaide

Land Division in Adelaide: Two Types

Key Conveyancing Services can assist you in a land division in Adelaide. We can help you in getting your project completed according to your timeline. If you’re planning to develop land by subdividing it, it’s critical to understand the ramifications of various subdivision types so that you can make the best selections for your site.

There are two major categories:

  1. Torrens Title: A Torrens title land division is when a block of land is divided into at least two allotments (different land titles) that are owned separately. There are no shared facilities or infrastructure in most cases. This type of subdivision gives the landowner complete control over their property.
  2. Community Title: A community division is the subdivision of land into at least two lots plus an area of common property, such as parking lots, garden beds, or shared driveways. This is shared by the lot owners and insured by the Community Corporation. Surveyed measurements establish the limits of each community lot, and each lot owner is responsible for insuring the structures on that lot.

Key Conveyancing Services Land Division in Adelaide

Key Conveyancing Services can handle all of the necessary application preparation and filing of land division in Adelaide, as well as all other documentation, to ensure a stress-free experience. We’ll work together with your surveyor, bank, and local government officials to ensure that your subdivision goes smoothly and fast.

We are seasoned conveyancers with a deep understanding of the Land Division process’s criteria and documentation. We have a comprehensive grasp of the local land market, allowing us to provide advice on issues that are particularly relevant to neighbouring land transactions.

Our experts can compile the necessary documents, ensuring that the division process runs smoothly and efficiently. Learn more about land subdividing or contact us to learn how we can assist you with the process.

Why Should You Choose Key Conveyancing Services for Land Division in Adelaide?

Every split of real estate or land comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities, and you can rely on Key Conveyancing Services for your land division in Adelaide. We will make the process as simple as possible for you. Land division in Adelaide is something that we at Key Conveyancing Services are particularly skilled at. Almost every aspect of the division and development approval process is something in which we have extensive experience.

In order to ensure that you get the best possible results at the most competitive price available, we can assist you with the entire development and construction process. This includes the demolition of any structures on the land, marketing the entire process, conveyancing, and having any legal paperwork signed, such as land titles, as well as assisting you in obtaining financing for the entire project.

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