About Mel

Director & Registered Conveyancer

As the Director, Melissa’s role encompasses all aspects of the business, by looking after clients, our referral sources and of course our award-winning staff. As a genuinely proactive person, she is constantly exploring ways to improve the business – and as a quintessential “team player”, she naturally embodies a strong focus on staff development, both personal and professional, thereby empowering her staff to be the best they can possibly be as conveyancers,

Specialising in residential and matrimonial settlements, Melissa utilises her decades of top-level conveyancing experience to bring swift and satisfying closure with complex scenarios. As she often reminds her staff: “You are dealing with people’s biggest asset, and it is a privilege that the client has entrusted our company to look after them.”

Melissa and Key Conveyancing continue to thrive on the success they have had with thousands of happy clients, because they understand that nurturing the conveyancer / client relationship from beginning to end is absolutely crucial.

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